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Some of our seeds are germinating they are offered in the seed shop. We are now open again for seedling sales see shop.

We have several seed lots available now for the 2019 season, listed in the seed shop.

We traded in the 1980s as “Livingwood Bonsai” and have rekindled my interest in maple bonsai. We have listed a few we have potted on for sale

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Check out our new post “aeroponic cloning”.

We do not have any blue seeds, the variety seems to be acer palmatum “photo-pro”. There are several photos of the same five tree group in images with several distinct different colours.

    • Extend your Japanese maple collection

    • Quickly and economically

    • Sell your surplus to increase value

    • Or just enjoy growing maples

    • Seeds for “Bonsai” is a con! There are varieties that make easier /quicker/ better bonsai than others, but it is dependent on the variety not the SEED. Check out an Apple seed …. Crab against Granny smith
    • What to know what to do with 40,000 Japanese maple seedlings Click here

    • Visit our other pages to see the full story we have Japanese Maple Seeds & Seedlingsbare root seedlings and Japanese Maple specimen trees and maples suitable for bonsai 

  • All our seeds are sold by count, and are dispatched in germinating medium in zip bags with instructions emailed returned  with order. Fresh seeds available soon after Christmas every year


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