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Seeds for sale .
to visit the shop direct …                                           click the green “ Japanese maple seeds “ button  on the top right . Under our products . 

A few years ago  we were asked to sell our seeds , our customers were annoyed at purchasing seed from other sources and it not germinating.  We do depend on our supplier to get the best quality we can

we offered seed ,fresh seed and did the scarification, and started the stratification. For our customers to complete the process .

,    they were both popular and we will offer the same this year ,


Acer palmatum small seed                                                                                             It is used for grafting understock because of its hardiness and vigor. It also makes a great specimen tree with orange-edged leaves in spring and brilliant fall colors of red, orange, yellow, or mixed. Its beautiful spreading habit and small leaves are graceful the year round. This tree grows to 14 feet tall and wide but may get taller or wider due to seedling variations or site conditions. Heat tolerant.

Acer palmatum large seed                                                                                    these seeds are quite varied and are to grow on as specimen , not for understock . We have had atropurpureum and dissectum amongst them it is exciting to see what they will come like

Acer palmatum atropurpureum                                                                        These are predominately red maples, again we have many variations previously in this seed lot including dissectum. These are small specimen trees for garden or patio container. Personaly I would not use for Bonsai or understock.

Acer Beurganium  trident maple.                                                                                          This maple has long been a favourite with the Bonsai growers spectacular autumn colour. Either a bonsai or specimen tree . Well worth garden space

Acer Grisium    I have withdrawn these seeds the viability is  very poor 
this maple is called the paperbark maple with cinnamon peeling bark and autumn colours . I have never seen a Bonsai  ,

Japanese Maple Seeds
Japanese Maple


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