The Stanaways Maple Tree Wedding Favours

Your tree is our way of saying thank you for helping to celebrate our wedding. We hope you will enjoy it for many years to come.

With a little care, it can be planted in the garden where it will develop as a small tree or large shrub. You can also keep it in a pot or patio container and even grow it on as a bonsai.

How to care for your maple tree

Your tree is a variety of acer palmatum, a Japanese maple that is renowned for its colour and foliage. It has been cultivated in Japan for more than 300 years and is adaptable, easy to manage and looks beautiful too.

The tree is in a biodegradable coir pot inside a terracotta container, so can be easily removed for planting elsewhere.

To plant in a different container, use a loam-based compost and keep well-watered (but not soaking wet). As the tree grows, it will need repotting every couple of years or so.

If you are keeping your tree in a pot outside, please be aware that the roots of maples can be damaged by frost so it’s a good idea to place bubble wrap around the container during cold weather.

Plant your maple tree in the garden…

Japanese maples grow best in sheltered conditions so if planting directly into the soil, make sure it is in a partially shaded position that avoids direct exposure to the sun. Although it is a hardy plant, it will need some protection from frost and wind.

It is also best to give your tree room to grow. As it has a shallow root system, it can get overwhelmed by other plants so try and avoid overcrowding.

…Or create a bonsai

Grown as a bonsai, the tree can reach 100 years of age! To begin, keep in the coir pot and plant in the garden. Keep it watered until it is well established.

After a few years of growth, it will be ready to train into your desired shape.

However you choose to look after your tree, we hope it will become a long-lasting reminder of a wonderful day.          


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